2024 Ford Bronco Raptor

Responding to the growing demand for enhanced personalization on the Bronco Raptor, Ford is introducing a range of fresh design choices for this high-performance off-road vehicle.

Commencing in 2024, customers will gain the option to personalize their Bronco Raptor with paint-matched fenders, a response to the growing demand for enhanced exterior customization. 

Alongside this, the Bronco Raptor range expands with two new paint colors – Velocity Blue, previously featured on the standard Bronco and Bronco Sport, and Shelter Green, a nod to Ford’s legacy of crafting off-road vehicles for the U.S. Army during World War II, perhaps catching the attention of Jeep in the process.

What is New in 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor

These new options predominantly target the SUV’s exterior and are set to debut on the 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor model.

Of particular note is the introduction of the Code Orange package, which incorporates graphics featuring the iconic Code Orange color of the Bronco. 

These graphics adorn the rear fenders, tow hooks, and beadlock rings on the standard 17-inch wheels, all of which sport a Dark Carbonized Gray finish. This distinct Code Orange shade also finds its way into the interior of the vehicle.

2024 Ford Bronco Raptor


2024 Ford Bronco Raptor
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Addressing a longstanding request from enthusiasts, Ford is now offering fenders that match the body color of the Bronco Raptor. This sought-after feature joins a lineup of other design options slated for 2024, including the introduction of Shelter Green and Velocity Blue exterior hues (previously exclusive to the standard Bronco).

 Additionally, the latest 17-inch Method Race Wheels, measuring 8.5 inches in width, have joined the options list. These wheels are available in Oxford White, Matte Titanium Gray, Method Bronze, or Matte Black finishes. Enthusiasts can already place orders for these wheels via the Ford Accessories website.

Untouched Configuration

The fundamental mechanical configuration remains untouched, implying that the 2024 Bronco Raptor will retain its twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine producing a robust 418 hp. This powertrain will continue to be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and an on-demand four-wheel-drive system.

Notably, Ford has some revisions in store for the standard Ford Bronco Raptor in the 2024 model year. The entire Bronco lineup will now feature the 12.0-inch infotainment screen and the Sync 4 system as standard. 

Moreover, the Badlands trim level will include the Heavy Duty Modular Front Bumper as a standard feature. The Everglades grade, which was available in 2022, will also be making a return.

Beginning August 16, reservations will open for the 2024 Bronco lineup. Specifics regarding pricing and availability will be disclosed on that aforementioned date.

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